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Who can give you better tips than the professionals?

The best locksmith tips, techniques and ideas for all locks.

  • Upgrade Your Home Security to be Confident about Your Safety

    It is highly recommended that you review your home’s security every now and then, or else, they will become obsolete without your knowledge. At times, all you need is a rekeying service to be confident again about the security of your estate. Knowing your locks and deadbolts are in tiptop shape will help you sleep well through the night.

  • If you can't replace, rekey locks

    The goal is to have a secured house and succeed in keeping strangers out. So, if you cannot have the locks replaced, at least have them rekeyed! This way, you can still have a new key and practically a sort of new lock to reinforce security.

  • Lock Upgrade is a Must

    When installing master lock systems in your building, the best thing is to go for a lock upgrade. There are modern techniques to keep it safe from thieves. You will go home everyday knowing that the place is kept totally secure.

  • UPVC Multipoint locks

    Our professionals at Locksmith Company in Encinoadvise owners to never open UPVC multipoint locks as they have a complicated mechanism. Even a simple lock has internal parts that are not easy to buy from any store. You may well end up paying a whole lot more to fix it once you take it apart.

  • Buying the right lock

    It's imperative to buy the right type of lock and they should suit the position and type of door they will fit into eventually. It is recommended buying a lock with a firm strike plate and a good kick-in resistance. All inexpensive locks may not offer good value.

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