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Is Inexperienced Lock Picking Safe

01/31/2014 Back To Blog

You have a lock that refuses to open up and now you are wondering whether would be possible to pick the same. Well for starters it is very important to establish how unless the lock in question is yours then yes the lock should remain closed under any circumstance what so ever. If the lock you are dying to pick is yours or you have a permission from the actual owner to open the same then it is all right to try to open the lock. Now when we have established this we should move to the more practical segment of this whole issue and that is how to actually pick a lock.

Less TV

Most of the people base their lock picking knowledge from the various methods and lock picking approaches quite often featured in various movies and TV shows. There are two most popular ways that do not include any kind of violence and that always (well at least on TV) lead toward desired result i.e. opened lock. Basically one method involves lock picking with a hair pin. You basically take the hair pin, separate the two ends pulling one bit of the pin out and then sticking the same into key whole. Two or three clicks and turns should be enough to open the lock. This is one way and the other way includes taking a credit card, library card, gym card or any other type of card and slipping the same across the lock. Lock should open in no time.

Call professional locksmith

The above mentioned techniques definitely might work on your lock and definitely might bring you toward desired results. On the other hand it may lead toward destroying your lock. If this is the risk you do not want to take, get your locksmith to do this for you.

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