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Common Emergency Locksmith Services

05/08/2015 Back To Blog

There are many instances for which people think they have an emergency locksmith issue and it really isn’t an emergency at all. Here is a list of our most common emergency locksmith services.

Emergency Services Used Most Often

Some emergency services are used more than others. I am sure you would agree that such services call for immediate attention.

Break-in repairs

If someone has broken into your home, business or car, you’ll need to have this problem handled quickly to avoid any further break-ins. If you do not get professional locksmith assistance, you may find yourself experiencing another break-in or attempted break-in. Window frames and keyholes are often damaged. You wouldn’t want to make matters worse by simply patching it up and not getting the appropriate lock repair service. This could cost you later.

Key Retrieval

If you’ve ever been in a hurry and you’ve jumped out of your car, you may have forgotten to take your keys with you. Our key retrieval service is used practically everyday.


Anytime you want to keep someone from gaining access to an area that was once accessible to him or her you will need to have the door re-keyed. Having a door re-keyed often happens when someone has gone through a bitter divorce, someone has moved out or when you have lost your keys. Having this done quickly is a matter of safety.

Get Help Now!

The aforementioned services definitely shouldn’t be ignored. Contact us right away so that you do not find yourself with an even bigger problem on your hands. Emergency locksmith services are available to you any time you need them. We at Locksmith Encino know how to respond to an emergency locksmith problem. When you are troubled by a problem that calls for the help of a trained professional, we know that it can become a frustrating ordeal. However, you should know that when it comes to your most pressing lock and key problems, we have the locksmiths who are willing and able to handle it for you. Don’t worry yourself unnecessarily when we are only a phone call away.

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